About – Our Story

At Old Pound Road Sugar House, we love to have people over during sugaring season (especially kids like this 2nd grade group from Greenfield Elementary School)!  Galen Kilbride and his dad Charlie Levesque (back row below) have been making maple syrup the old fashioned way for decades.  The Antrim, NH sugar house is cozy and contains a wood-fired evaporator (everybody says our syrup tastes better because the evaporator is fired with wood – and we agree!).  We make and sell maple syrup, candy and maple cream – all made in our sugar house during the sugaring season from February to early April.   See a pictorial display of some of what we do below.  And come see us soon!  levesque@inrsllc.com or 603-588-3272


First its tapping the maple tree (we tap both sugar and red maples)

Then getting and unloading the sap at the sugar house.  Boiling and boiling and …

Once it is ready (66% sugar content is ready) then filtering the syrup and bottling boiling hot!

Yum!  That freshly made maple syrup cannot be beat!   And remember – its not just for pancakes and waffles.  Maple syrup can be substituted for white sugar one-to-one (1 cup of sugar = 1 cup of maple syrup).  Anything you can make with white sugar can be made with maple syrup.